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What is prayer walking?

  • Prayer walking is, simply, walking while praying. You walk with Jesus with open eyes, both physically and spiritually. It is a practical way to pray. When we prayer walk in the presence of the Holy Spirit, God begins to speak to our hearts through what we see with our physical eyes, but then He also gives us a glimpse into His invisible eternal world through our spiritual eyes.


Why should you prayer walk?

  • Prayer walking prepares the way for God’s Spirit to move. It can also aide in breaking the power of evil over a place.
  • You see firsthand what is going on in the area.
  • It’s an adventure with God.
  • Your ears are more sensitive to promptings of the Holy Spirit in the area.
  • It is a practical way to practice focused praying for your neighbors, your neighborhood, or your city.
  • It helps you to focus on God’s Kingdom purposes and His glory, not “self”.


How can you pray during prayer walk?

  • If you see a bench in the front yard, pray for those who will sit upon it.
  • If you see bicycles, pray for the safety of their riders.
  • Pray that the members of the household may know Christ and may come to know trust and rely on his guidance for their lives.
  • Pray for health and safety.
  • Pray for the raising of children and grandchildren.
  • Pray for business owners, and employees as you walk past businesses.
  • Pray for administrators, teachers, and school employees as you walk past schools.
  • Pray for pastors, leaders, members, and ministries as you walk past churches. 
  • Pray for students and parents - their education and future - as you walk past schools. 
  • Choose a Scripture passage and pray it as you walk.

Map Instructions

  • Click on the location listed to begin your prayer walk at that location. 
  • A new "page" will open on your screen and will place you at the location of your prayer walk.
  • On a computer: Press the forward arrow on the screen (or use your up arrow key) to move forward on your prayer walk.
  • On a device: Touch the forward arrow on the screen (or drag your finger on the screen) to move forward on your prayer walk.
  • As you "walk", observe the houses, businesses, schools, church and organizations that you pass.
  • As you "walk", pray.  
  • When you complete your prayer walk, please share your name and where you "walked" - and any other encouragement or inspiration - in the comments section below. 

North to South

Field St.

Howard St.

NW 21st St.

NW 20th St.

NW 19th St.

NW 18th St.

NW 17th St.

NW 16th St.

NW 15th St.

NW 14th St.

NW 13th St. 

NW 12th St.

NW 11th St.

NW 10th St. 

Front St.

Ogdon St.

NW 6th St.

Sunset Ave.

NW 3rd St.

NW 2nd St.

NW 1st St.

Meridian St.

North to South

Hwy. 57

NE 1st St.

NE 2nd St.

NE 3rd St.

NE 4th St.

NE 5th St.

NE 6th St.

NE 7th St.

NE 9th St.

NE 10th St. 

NE 11th St.

NE 15th St.

NE 16th St.

NE 17th St. 

NE 18th St.

NE 19th St.

NE 20th St.

NE 2st St.

100 E.

Portersville Rd./Hwy. 257

SE 11th St.

SW 3rd St.

West to East St.

National Hwy.

Cosby Rd./Oak St. 

Main St.

Van Trees St. 

Van Trees St. (cont.)

Walnut St./Memorial Ave.

Oak Grove Rd./McCormick Ave.

Vincennes Ave.

Downey Ave./Lincoln St.

North St.

50 N./Maxwell Ave.

Jefferson St.

Flora St./Bedford Rd.

Bedford Rd. (cont.)

Maple St.

Pearl St.

Apraw Rd.

John St.

Viola Ave.

Brett Cabell Rd.



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