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Read Scripture.

What does this say?



What does it mean?

How do you understand it?



What will you do about it?

How will you live it out?



How do you need God to help?

How do you need to pray?

READ: Philippians 4:4-9


How can we rejoice in the midst of hardships, trouble, conflict, or confusion?


Which comes first, the peace of God in our lives or our willingness to submit to Him in the midst of fear, anxiety, conflict, and confusion? 


How would you explain God's peace to someone who has never known or experienced it for themselves? 


What area of life are you most in need of God to bring peace right now?


MESSAGE: Sent to Speak Peace (Luke 1:28-38)


KNOW: The peace of God is a state of complete harmony and freedom from anxiety in the midst of conflict and confusion.


APPLY: Are you experiencing the peace of God in your life right now?


LIVE: Be filled with the peace of God so that you can share the peace of God.


PRAY: God, my faith and my hope rests in You alone. Lord, would You fill me with joy and peace as I learn to better trust in You. Father, where I am facing conflict and experiencing confusion, would you flood my mind, my heart, and my life with peace so that I may be bring peace to all those that I encounter this season. Amen.


DISCUSS: Is anything getting in the way of you sharing God’s peace right now?


READ: Romans 15:13


What does "the God of hope" mean? Do you know God in this way? What evidence, from Scripture or your life, illustrates this?


How are you learning to trust God more?


How are you being filled with joy and peace?


What does it mean to overflow with hope?


MESSAGE: Sent to Announce Hope (Luke 1:26-28)


KNOW: You cannot see your purpose – know our direction – or experience your destination without hope.


APPLY: To be sent requires a purpose, a direction, and a destination


LIVE: Announce hope to someone this next week.


PRAY: Almighty God, thank You for the high favor that You show to me. God, thank you for creating my life with a purpose. Holy Spirit, thank you for guiding my days with direction. Jesus, thank you for providing a destination for my soul. Help me to receive Your truth. And send me today to announce hope in You. Amen.


DISCUSS: The various ways you are announcing hope to those around you.